Work in Vietnam

I had the opportunity to travel to Vietnam during my internship and work in the industry among local people to learn more about In-House productions and get experience with international connections.

In Vietnam I worked with two different design teams under two different company names. Gamota and Zen Studios. Where I did commercial production and in-game design, receptively.  

Description of the Companies



Gamota is the game publisher under-section of the Parent company; Appota. Gamota is the third biggest mobile-game publisher company in Vietnam, where they have published games such as Torchlight and Vainglory.

Gamota is a publisher and do a lot of translation, managing and commercial for their customers in Vietnam. 

To see what Gamota has to offer click here:

(Note that they don’t have an option in English)


Zen Studios is small mobile company based in Ho Chi Minh City. They are focused on smaller mobile games compared to their bigger competitor, like Gamota.

They started in late 2017 and had a main focus on making local gambling games and games heavy influenced by what was trending.

Zen studios, has been rapidly improving and expanding over the years and went from having mostly student employees to having double the amount of full-time employees.   

Areas of responsibilities



During my time at Gamota I was in the marketing depart, where they did a various of marketing related projects. Here I got to analyze and learn about the Vietnamese marked.


As part of the market team, I had the responsibility to make videos and commercials alongside with the other team members.

Game Design

I was one of the few designers at the point of my internship, and had a lot of responsibility for the in-game graphics for the smaller games, at Zen Studios.

Concept Development

As one of the few creative designers I had the responsibility to translate ideas visually and make concepts for various types of games.

Gambling Games


Zen Studios biggest production is gambling related games. The Vietnamese market do love their gambling and card games, therefor it has been obvious choice to make games that are soothing that demand. 

Local Games

During my time at Zen Studios I worked with a lot of illustrative work, that was meant to be in-game graphics for a various of local gambling games. There is a big marked for that type of game, so a lot of the time I had the responsibility to learn and research about gambling culture in Vietnam and how to catch their attention. It was important to please my supervisors vision but also keep up to speed and hold the various deadlines.

They are available at the Google-store here:
Tài Xỉu and Phom Tá Lả

Below are some examples of some of the work I did for those games:

Arcade Games


Other than gambling inspired games, Zen Studios makes a lot of different small, quick and fun arcade games which are perfect for those small breaks in your everyday life.

Word Connect

One of the bigger projects I was designing during my time at Zen Studios was their version of the game Word Connect.

Here I got as an assignment to research and get inspiration for similar games and make my own twist on the most popular design.

One thing I noticed kept reacquiring was the humble and vibrant design. I made some different concepts to illustrate my design concepts for the team:  

Brick Breaker and Turkey Shooter

Some of the other projects I was involved with, was a little different types of games.

I worked of a variant of “Brick Breaker” where we went for a more neon look and tried to make that as a twist.

Moreover I worked on a variant of the old classic; “Turkey Shooter”, and had the opportunity to remake it from the bottom. But unfortunately, as it was the end of my internship, it never got finished.
On this project I worked with animation, character-design and 2D-effects.   

Marketing Content


During my internship at Gamota, I had the responsibility to research the Vietnamese market and give ideas and concepts to my design-team on how to solve different problems through content marketing. 

Commercial with actors

One of the bigger projects was to come up with concept videos on how to make a new commercial to emphasize that the company is all about friendship and how players play together. As that was one of the conclusion on a field study.

My concept video looked like this:  

video mobile picture2
In-game Commercial

As part of the design team, I got as assignment to deliver different kinds of videos for their user-base. One of them, was as a video of a new feature inside of their published MMORPG game called Ngạo Thiên: 


If you’re interested to see more of my Illustrated works, check out my Illustration gallery by clicking here: