Recruited into a hybrid role that combined development of the Danish e-commerce site and co-managing the overall creative direction of the whole company.

Started as a freelance e-commerce manager, but quickly achieved the title of Country Manager.
Under the direction of the E-commerce Manager’s vision, I employed graphic design resources for a variety of platforms including social media, Google AdWords, e-mail-campaigns, on-site creatives, and offline materials. While still contributing to developing to the Danish site through UX/UI-design, translation, developing the marketing platforms and acquire new customers through acquisition-marketing campaigns.

Areas of responsibilities



As a Marketeer I worked with different channels to promote and execute various of marketing campaigns to generate conversations and traffic.

Graphic Designer

I had the responsibility to create, design, and visualize e-ville’s as a brand together with the E-commerce Manager.

Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Manager, I had the responsibility to create graphics and posts together with the marketing team.

Introduction of the Company



e-ville.com is a Finnish e-commerce company from 2006. Now owned by one of the biggest Finnish e-commerce companies.
e-ville.com sells rugged phones, outdoor gear, electric and normal bikes. It was former well-known in Finland for selling gadgets and electronics.


(Note that this page is aimed for Finnish customers, and the English version does not have the same graphics)

Rugged Design


The rugged design became a familiar term in the marketing team, as e-ville’s latest branding style including working towards an outdoor and active lifestyle for the rugged Nordic persona.

The challenge was to keep the digital electronic style, which they were known from before, yet introduce an element of ruggedness. Here the brand colors, elements and tone was taken into consideration.

See different graphics down below, used on the website.

Social Media and Paid Ads

One of e-ville.com bigger goals was to show their values to new and old customers. This was often done trough Google Adwords and through their Social Media channel on Facebook.

Below you can see some examples of Social Media posts, both for the Finnish and the Swedish market.

social media posts

Streamlined Graphic Process

Through my time at e-ville.com I helped streamline and optimize the graphic process together with the e-commerce manager.

e-ville.com has a great entrepreneurial story, starting from selling simple webcams in a bedroom in Hong Kong, to now being owned by one of the biggest e-commerce companies Finland. e-ville has developed a lot in graphic sense and is has been a pleasure to be part of the creative minds behind e-ville’s brand. 

If you’re interested to see more of my Illustrated works, check out my Illustration gallery by clicking here: