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Float Entertainment is a young game development team, who make games while they are doing full-time study or work. 

During the time I was involved with Float Entertainment, there weren’t economy to release any bigger games, so must of my time was used to learn the process of team building and working in-house with a studio. Furthermore getting first hand experience on the process and pipeline work of the game industry.

I had the pleasure to work with the development team from October 2017 – June 2018 

Areas of responsibilities



I was on the main team of designers and had hand on many of the creative projects.

Concept Development

As one of the creative designers I had assignments early in the project which needed visualization of concepts 


During my time at Float Entertainment I was also in the marketing depart, where they did videos, banners and landing-pages.


As one of the creative souls at Float Entertainment, I had the pleasure to do story development and world-building to the different games. 

Project Plague


This project was a game about the companionship of a neuter gender human child and its only friend a rat. 
The story takes place in France during the start of the Black Death. Here, we as player, play as the human child and together with our rat friend, try to survive the seasons as we were abandoned on the streets. Our greatest enemies are our own state of mind – which play with us, and from time to time develop nightmarish creatures for us to escape and fight. Or second greatest enemy is the Plague Doctor and his minions, that roam the city and try to figure out how to stop the plague – as we are accompanied by a mysterious looking rat, we are a target for the doctors. Our goal is to uncover the mystery of ‘The Mother Figure’ and try to survive the times.
The game has elements of survival, puzzle-solving, psychological- and horror features. 


During the early stages of the process I had the assignment to give my thoughts on a moodboard and elements of which we could draw creative inspiration from.

During my researched I was very into the horror elements and story-telling of the Tarsier Studios’ “Little Nightmares” which got combined with the historical horror elements of the Black Death in the 13th hundred France. 

Character Concept

One of my other assignments was to come up with designs to the main child character. 

My design process was to find a way to complement the theme of the time period we had chosen to put the story in. I researched clothing style in 13th hundred France and came up with these examples.

One of the criteria was to give the child a cloaked face, so the sex of the child would stay unrecognizable as it was one of the main story elements. Furthermore it should also complement the theme of  poverty and homelessness.

Cover Image

I got as assignment to come up with a concept for how the start page could look like.

My design ideas was to focus on the story and the elements of interest, such as the companion- and friendship between the rat and the child, but also showing the horrors there is lurking around them.

Souls of Lithium


This game project was a take our take on concept for a Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena (MOBA)
The concept is about two teams fighting each-other for the goal of destroying each-others base and thereby winning the game. Our unique twist on the well-known genre implements a system of sending various of monsters to fight in an arena in a separate lane, while you as player still try to fight off the enemy team. 
The game has elements of team-building, strategy and fast-paced game play. 

Environment Concept

During the early stages of the process I had the assignment to work out some concept ideas for the arena.

My design process was finding a silver-lining between the already made stories for the playable characters and give them a battle-arena to fight in, which had elements of their different design ideas.

The concept ended in a garden or arena, which was formerly the Game Universes’s character of Death’s garden. 


Character Concept

During the process of developing the universe and its playable character I had the assignment to come up with a hero, that came from desert, inspired by George Miller’s Mad Max environment and themes.

This is an early concept sketch for the Lizard Bounty-hunter, Balore.

The design process was giving a visual identity to a bunch of buzzwords that was made in collaboration with the design team. Some of those involved Bounty-hunter, Lizard and Steam-punk.

If you’re interested to see more of my Illustrated works, check out my Illustration gallery by clicking here: