Educational Work

I’m educated as a Multimedia Designer, with focus on visual development.

During my education, I worked with a multiple number of real clients where I did a various of different multimedia products for them. It ranged from doing business analyzing to hands-on production of material for marketing campaigns, music-videos, games and even museums exhibit installations. 

Areas of study


Design Thinking

One of the most important majors we had, was the study of project  and management. I am educated in a various of techniques to handle harsh deadlines and difficult time-frames.  

Visual Production

In most aspects of the different projects I was in, there was meant to be some sort of production of visual material. It could be videos, web-pages, images etc. 

Business and Marketing

As part of my education, I got educated in the business aspect of a company. Including analyzing the market and know how to sell to various markets.

Project for a Marine Animal Center


The Marine animal center; Fjord&Bælt is an experience center, which communicated knowledge about marine life in the waters of Denmark. They have real animals they do research on and various exhibits to learn about the environment and wildlife.

If you want to learn more about the Center click here:

Showcase of the Installation

After a lot of research and after a lot of brainstorming, we decided to do an installation for their exhibition.

The concept is rather simple, its a box, where you go and put a figure on the top of a scanner, and a video, explaining research in a mild manner for kids.
Some of the aspects we had to consider was; it should be kid-friendly, visualize research and share knowledge, while still being innovative and possible to do in our time-frame and with the study groups set of skills.. 

Below are examples of concepts for the Installation:

Video Production

While the installation was the main frame of the project, the main thing was to visualize a lot of research into a kid-friendly video, which wasn’t too long or too boring.  

I have made animated and drawn the video in collaboration with one of the other team-members.

Below are the final animation video, we made for this project.

Marsvin Animation

Visual Identity for the Band Summit


During my education we had a lot of different clients to work with, here most of those were local business or clients.

One of those clients were a local band, called Summit. Summit is a progressive rock band and make music which has inspiration from the 70′ music. 

You can find more information about the band on their Facebook page on the link below:

Music Video Concept

One of the main projects I was in was being in charge of making a conceptual music video, where we showed our idea in a visual concept.

It was important for the group to keep in mind, that the band had an alternative and progressive vibe and we, as group wanted to keep showing that.

You can see the concept video below: 

Change of Things - Summit - Motion Graphic

If you’re interested to see more of my Illustrated works, check out my Illustration gallery by clicking here: