I am Mikkel Nørgaard Hansen, Multimedia Designer and Illustrator.

Or as I like to call it:
A wanderlust storyteller with the skills-set of a digital nomad.

I help stories come to life in a various of different medias ranging from visual appealing videos to story-driven illustrations. I play with colors,  I twist brains – I analyze, compromise and energize ideas into life with a diverse set of relevant skills.

I find interest in creating visual appealing material that conveys a bigger story, may it be through still imagery in illustrations or moving pictures in video.

I am really interested in working with commercial and promotion design, where I can be creative with design, illustration and video making. Areas where this could be possible, Advertisement firm, Publishing companies, E-commerce businesses



Multimedia Design AP at UCL Odense, Denmark (2016-2018)

The Multimedia Design and Communication provides knowledge in all areas of the digital world, and educate students how to handle marketing and business in a technological demanding world. 

You can read more about the education here.   


Work Experience

Gamota and Zen Studios – Illustrator and Video creator. (January 2018 – June 2018)
I worked as part of their design and marketing team, respectively. Here I stood for making a diverse amount of illustrations and in-game design for their mobile games.
I also helped produce commercials for their already published games.

You can read more in-depth about my work here:
Work in Vietnam

And about Gamota here:

Freelance Projects and Commissions (2017-Now) 
I have done a various of different projects ranging from illustrative work and video production for personal clients and businesses.

If you’re interested in my resume, It can be downloaded here: Download Resume


These are some of my skills


As part of my passion to tell stories I found to Illustrate to be one of big points of interest. I therefore found myself use a lot of time in Adobe’s Photoshop.


Another create tool to tell stories is video production.
Many of the projects I have been involved with has required of me to work in the format of video, from editing to shooting.


I have found a growing interest in the psychology of good marketing and how it can change the behavior of clients and customers in a good manner.


As an digital artist I found it crucial to know how to tell stories through good composition and real life images.

Let us get in contact!

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